The Real M8 Bolt Screw

M8 screws hex bolts 10mm-120mm length    

    In the world where there's so many applications for fasteners, the 8mm bolt is the one that stands out as being a universal favourite. It's used in many applications, including furniture where the 70mm, 100mm and 120mm lengths are often used as leg fasteners and as the industry standard means they're easy to replace. One example is the popularM8 IKEA Replacement Furniture Legs set, available HERE

When people tend to find the best way of how to connect things one with another, usually they use m8 bolt screws for that purpose. These little pieces of metal can make true magic when it comes to connecting things with a screw. Doors are usually connected with bolts and screws for the protection and security of the home. There are so many applications or products that require fastening by a screw, so it's easier if you're able to consolidate where possible to keeping to just one size, which keeps things simple. Yes it's easier to say these things, all the good intentions etc and we all end up with a tool box with all different sizes screws, nuts bolts etc.

M8 Screws Size

If you've ever visited a hardware store, you'll have seen there's the m8x1.25 bolt at the display case, as this is the more popular size people tend to buy. Naturally m8 screws come in various sizes. What we like is that different suppliers sell in different pack sizes. After all, common sense dictates that if you need just 4 screws, it's not really viable to buy a box of 100.  There are different dimensions in length and width so whenever a person wants to make an order, he can see the correct numbers so there would be no mistake in making the purchase. When talking about the m8 bolt, it has to be well known that the letter m before the number eight explains the term “metric”. The number specifies the thread diameter, shown in millimeters. So, if a screw is written as m5 bolt, it means that the screw has five millimeters thread diameter. So how do we get to the  m8 screws size ?  The difference is that the number eight is usually connected with multiplying by 1.25 millimeters and it comes to the real size of thread diameter, hence the very popular m8x1.25 bolt.


M8 Screws For Samsung TV

One of the requests we had emailed in, was a guy who wanted suggestions asking for m8 screws for samsung tv and which we'd recommend. So for all of you who have need to mount their Samsung or any other brand of tv.

Long (30mm) M8 TV Wall Mount Bracket to TV Bolts • With 10mm Long Spacers • Stainless Steel M8 Bolt Size for TVs 41" & Larger Spacers for easier wire management and circulation Meets VESA Standards (Video Electronics Standards Association) Grade 18-8 Stainless Steel - No Rust Ever Easy install with Phillips head screwdriver, buy your set here


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