Table Saw Casters

Table saw casters, lag bolts and a beer.

What on earth am I talking about ?
  A good friend of mine had manage to buy some boards dirt cheap, he was wanting to make some nice wooden shelving units for his basement. That was the good news, for him at least. How did I know this ? Because he called me up to tell me. I was expecting him to ask to borrow some fasteners or tools maybe, I could already see my mountain of self tapping lag bolts disappear in my mind, while I was on the phone. He knew I had a table saw big enough to use to cut these down to size for him, so he kinda of bribed me with the offer of him coming to help me cut these down at my place. In return the next day would be beers and BBQ at his place.   I knew that I’d need to move my table saw out into the middle of my workshop, so I went and cleared a space. I then walked back to the saw, using my foot, knocked the brakes off the table saw casters and began to roll it across the floor. Well it rolled a couple of feet then stopped, the front end dropped and everything shuddered to a complete halt. The front end was sitting at over 45 degrees downwards, it wasn’t going to be moving anywhere fast. Luckily the wood board wasn’t arriving until the next day, so I had chance to do something about this.       I know what I had done, I’d built a shelf under the saw, to use for saw blades. I’d then added another one, which ended up the place I kept my hammer drill in it’s case sat next to an angle grinder. So to make it worse, I added yet another shelf on the bottom, on here I stored all manner of fasteners, washers, lag bolts, nails, even by nail gun. I guess simply too much weight had ended up on here. Something I wasn’t really aware of as I seldom moved the unit out as I had tried to do.     I’d been browsing online earlier and had seen this article and knew straight away this was the answer to my problems. I jumped straight in an ordered a set of 4 Kreg Table saw casters. I had a couple of spare bolt hole casters here in the garage I could have used and fastened them in using a lag bolt, but to make sure the unit would be balanced I would have to order another couple, so I could replace all four corners. I was pretty sure too that these were quite a light load capacity, somewhere around the 110lb mark each, so that wouldn’t work.   I decided to opt for the Kreg table saw caster set of 4 knowing they’d be here quickly. At the same time I combined this order with some for a set of Cooche Table Saw Casters, as I'd decided to make a work base for my Skil 3320 drill press.  Indeed they were, the work unit was repaired, my buddy helped me. We then spent 3 more hours cutting down his wood board, so he could head off home complete with 1 inch diameter lag bolts, some spare washers. Being the good friend I am, I did suggest he should go with self tapping lag bolts just to save time and effort. He then, or should I say we, loaded his truck and he said he’d see me the next day at his for the BBQ.       My final words of advice to him were “ self tapping lag bolts save you time, I like my steak medium and my beers ice cold “        

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