Knape & Vogt shelf brackets

One of the more popular items we've found people purchase for household use is the heavy duty L Bracket. These naturally come in different sizes, lengths and weight capacities. We'd suggest that you go with a reputable brand, a product that is fit for purpose. Look for a bracket that exceeds BHMA static load testing requirements, which offers that extra reassurance that the l brackets have been assessed by external examination.

Knape & Vogt Heavy Duty L Bracket

Ideal for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential uses such as supporting work surfaces, countertops and shelving. The angle support also offers an additional hanging option, if required. Use the pre drilled holes in the brackets to secure them in place, using lag bolts ( which are usually supplied by most manufacturers). If you're using these brackets to install shelving, we suggest that you ensure the weight loads are evenly distributed. Lag bolt alternatives

4 l bracket

Measure the shelf space you are wanting to work in to see if you need a 4 l bracket pack or can you get away with a 2 l bracket, for smaller jobs. We like Knape & Vogt shelf brackets as they are both a well known brand name and offer value for money.      

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