Different types of lag bolts

There are many types of lag bolts and each of them is used for different purposes. Lag bolts ( frequently called a lag screw )are basically large wood screws with hexagonal heads.  Please don't let the name wood screw confuse you, they're not made from wood. Mainly they're made from the following materials; Stainless steel , Zinc plated Carbon steel, Hot dipped galvanized steel or Silicon bronze. Therefore whenever a person wants to secure fittings using  lag bolts, he or she has to explore the different sizes & types and choose the best and suitable one. Before choosing a bolt, the person has to remember for what purpose he is going to use the lag bolts. According to the requirement, it's important to get the correct size, length and type. The following are the few types of lag bolts which are commonly used in various purposes. • Wood lag boltsConcrete lag boltsCountersunk lag boltsSecurity lag boltsSelf tapping lag bolts Lag bolts for wood These kinds of bolts will be very effective in joining the wood materials. When compared with other bolts, wood lag bolts are being the most preferred bolt type for wood joining. The main reason is when you are using a strong metal bolt, there are many chances for damaging the wood material but while using wood bolts there is no need to concern about those issues. Therefore it is always better to use wood bolts while joining two wood materials. Moreover these bolts will hold the materials properly as other bolts do. Concrete lag bolts It is not possible to use all kinds of bolts while joining some parts which are made of concrete. The individuals must prefer and use the suitable and best bolt type for this purpose. If you look for the suitable bolt type, you will find concrete lag bolts. These bolts will be having sharp edges and threads therefore they can easily get into the concrete and also it is properly fixed inside the concrete hence they will never come out of the concentrate and give a strong support to hold any materials that are placed above that particular joint. In order to place the concrete bolts, you have to make a hole first and place a wood or any material to occupy the hole that you made. When you screw the bolt, it will get tightened easily. Countersunk lag bolts The countersunk lag bolts are also known as flat head screws which are having a conical flat face along with a tapering inner face. These bolts are generally used in walkways, railing and bridge decking etc. In the present days, these bolts are preferred for various purposes wherever there is a need for great support between the materials. As it is mentioned, this bolt is used in the railing process. From this, you can get to know how much weight that these kinds of bolts can sustain. Therefore if you are supposed to give better support to any joints, you can prefer this bolt and it will be the apt choice as you expect. Security lag bolts The security lag bolts will be unique in its design and they are mainly used for wall mounting, bathroom fixtures and also in many places where security is very important. As it is mentioned already, these screws will be different from other lag bolts and hence they are not able to be removed easily. Therefore the individuals can use these bolts where they expect utmost security. These bolts will fix properly and ensure the safety as people expect. Commonly used on more permanent fixtures such as security gates and window bars, where there isn't the need to keep removing them. Self tapping lag bolts These bolts are very effective and they are designed to drill the hole by itself while screwing therefore the individuals does not have to make a hole separately in the material on which they are going to use it. They do not need proper maintenance and it will be very useful in making strong connection between two materials. As the name suggests, these particular bolts self tap, thus saving time and additional workload. One final suggestion - If there is a large weight load to support, consider swapping to the flange head bolt. These bolts have a flange under the head which are ideal to help distribute the heavier loads. These are ideal for general use being manufactured of low carbon steel then hot dipped galvanized to offer good corrosion resistance.

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