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Knape & Vogt shelf brackets

One of the more popular items we've found people purchase for household use is the heavy duty L Bracket. These naturally come in different sizes, lengths and weight capacities. We'd suggest that you go with a reputable brand, a product that is fit for purpose. Look for a bracket that exceeds BHMA static load testing

Lag Bolt Washers

Sometimes you just need that tiny bit extra support for your project. One ideal and suitable option is to use┬áLag Bolt Washers which can fill your requirements in a cheap and easy to use way.           Don't run the risk of wood splitting due to stress, wear & tear caused by

Table Saw Casters

Table saw casters, lag bolts and a beer. What on earth am I talking about ?   A good friend of mine had manage to buy some boards dirt cheap, he was wanting to make some nice wooden shelving units for his basement. That was the good news, for him at least. How did I